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Sarge's Dive Shop Carries Name Brand Scuba Equipment

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Buy or rent name brand diving equipment at Sarge's Dive Shop. We give a 15% discount off the retail price on most scuba gear everyday to our veterans, law enforcement, fire and first responders.  We carry high-quality scuba gear from the industry's leading manufacturers including OTS Guardian full-face masks & U/W communication systems (hardwired & wireless), DUI drysuits, Henderson wetsuits, Akona gear bags, and Genesis & Sherwood scuba gear. Everything is guaranteed, and we service what we sell.   Sarge's can also train and certify you in ERDI Public Safety Diving, and full-face mask and drysuit diving.  We also provide the sale of swift water rope and heavy duty stainless steel quick release clips.  Visit our store to discover our full selection or call Mark Allen @ 304-880-0451 with any questions or to request a bid or price quote on all of your equipment needs.

DUI Drysuit AGA Mask Interspiro Guardian FF Mask Sherwood Blizzard Regulator Sherwood Avid BC

Our Brands

  • Sherwood
  • Genesis
  • Akona
  • Assorted Rope
  • Ocean Technology Systems
  • Interspiro (AGA)
  • Force Fins
  • SS Quick Release Clips
  • Henderson Wetsuits
  • DUI Drysuits
  • Spare Air
  • TovaTec Lights

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